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No new daily login calendar

The calendars updated and the monthly calendar isnt there are we not getting a July calendar?


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    This has happened before with Kabam forgetting to start the new calendar for a month. Worst case, we lose a day or two but get compensated for it later in the month. So I am not worried.

    Of course, being that it is 2020... July could have been cancelled.
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    So true...... so very very true!!!
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    Happy 4th of July
  • WolfmillsWolfmills Posts: 453
    edited July 1
    Not really all the celebrations around here have been cancelled ..... sorry off topic
    This happens every year during the 3 month stretch of April-May-June due to poorly QA’d code. Expect the July calendar to drop on Thursday morning. Translates to less 5 star shards.
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