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I found a login glitch where the base screen says i havent unlocked the buildings

I found a login glitch where the base screen says i havent unlocked the buildings, the away missions, alliance hq, and raid building. I took a couple screen shots. I also took screen shots of glitched screens in the game. brtcj7marcab.png


  • SteelbaneSteelbane Posts: 320
    on the third screenshot notice im lvl 37 but somehow i havent loaded the alliance hq, attack center and away missions
  • Hey there!

    I'm sorry you're running into this! Let's try to figure out what's going on. Can you tell me if you're able to interact with the buildings? Or if they'd show at all prior?

    Has a fresh restart of the app helped? (Closing out entirely and loading it up)
    What about uninstalling and reinstalling?

    Can you tell me what device you're on? The OS and the version of the game? :)
  • SteelbaneSteelbane Posts: 320
    Firstly, i refreshed the app and it helped, and a i solved the issue. But i wanted to notify the moderators because it can save time in restarting the entire game. Also i wasnt able to interact with the buildings it acted as if I havent unlocked the buildings. Im currently on an LG Spree. :) Thanks for the help and support and keep up the good work
  • Thanks for getting back to me with the update on that!

    I'll make sure to bring this over and have us keep an eye out for it happening on our end. If you ever run into anything else, let us know! And thank YOU for the support. It's a pleasure to help you all out when we can. :)
  • SteelbaneSteelbane Posts: 320
    Ok thanks
  • SteelbaneSteelbane Posts: 320
    edited October 2017
    hey whenever i try loging in it doesnt work it simply says account already linked and when i come back it says i havent logged in

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