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This wouldn't change anything for the actual playing hours of AM, but it would be a big help I think if we could get some sort of way to have AM kick off on its own.

If you could set up some interface where an officer could set a pre chosen difficulty level and just have it auto start when the AM timer allows, that would be a huge help.

Our alliance has officers that are all from the left side of the US, so asking one of them to wake up on Saturday or Sunday to kick off AM at 5 in the morning is a bit cruel.


  • Totally agree and would love to see an AM auto-start setup. Between east coast officers and myself dealing with getting kids off to school and/or heading to work at 7-8am in morning and my west coast officers not wanting to get up at 5am in the morning(and rightly so), getting Am started on time is a pain.

    And what about regional start times for AM? If we can get regional matching for arenas, couldn't we set our region for Alliance and have a proper AM start time? Just a thought.
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    Well, in an ideal world they would just give us a 5 day window to do AM and allow us to only do 4 complete AMs total. Could start the 5-day period on Wednesday.

    That would allow everyone to start AM whatever time they want to. It would also allow people to choose if they want to front load AM and have Sunday off, or wait til Thursday so they could play half of AM on the weekend.

    And if the argument from Kabam's side is that they changed it so that the treasury reset didn't get confusing, it shouldn't be a problem... just reset the treasury the morning following the conclusion of the AM week.
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    I think this is a great idea. Have the AM autobstart ensure that every alliance starts their AM at the same time and with the same level of AM energy, a great way to ensure levelled playing field.

    Alliances from US can wakes up at 7AM PST and still not missing any energy compared to the other players who start at 5AM PST.

    And this also eliminate the situation where an AM started later and ended up with less time to complete the last AM of the week.
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    Well, I didn't so much mean a forced start, but rather an auto start if you do want it to start as soon as possible. Some alliances push their start time back a bit and then rush the end on the final day, so I wouldn't want to keep anyone from doing that, that should be their prerogative.
  • What a stellar idea! I'll bring this up to the team, make sure they check it out. :)
  • @Kabam Vydious while we are on the topic of AM auto start, I would also like suggest that all three BGs should be available for joining right from the start of AM. We have our alliance members split up in groups and assigned to different BGs and with the recent AM time adjustment this week, our Officer woke up early just to start AM and then he himself and few of us had to wait for close to 4 hours to join our BattleGroup 3 which opens up last. Loss of 4 hours is 4 energy bars, which is precious in AM.

    Another suggestion would be to reset the Alliance energy at the start of each Alliance mission (Please, its just 5 energy bars). This too with the new AM timing, we may not be able to finish the mission in one night so the final push is next day early morning with the 5 bars we got while we slept and may be even one or two that we would have to buy. So by the time we finish one mission in the nick of time, the next AM starts and we have absolutely no energy to start the fight and we have to wait for 5 hours for a full refill.
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