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Rank rewards change on crystal bounty

I wanted to know where it was announced that crystal bounty was getting changed again mid arena? Day one I scored 20-30% and snagged 200 4* shards. Looking at rank rewards for yesterday’s and today, I will now have to score in 8-12% for those rewards. I’m sorry I’ll probably be called a filthy casual for this but I was happy with my time to effort yield at that level. You’ve already crushed my progression by taking away milestones, now you do it by locking 4* shards away in the top tiers that I can’t reach without more 4* bots.


  • ReworkRework Posts: 122
    Agree that this change has been a big fail.

    When Milestone rewards were taken away, they assured us that the new rewards were based on the rewards you would have received for meeting all the milestones. Well, my run rate was well past where all the milestones would have been, but I got less 4* shards than the old system (or what I got the day before) because I was "only" in the 5-7% bracket.

    Rewards in this game are already too top-heavy. Stop making it worse.

  • ZapperZapper Posts: 186
    Yea that was really mean. Also not saying anything, just making the rewards worse silently.

    That's why it called "You got Kabamed" this time we all got it big time.
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