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Lost Energon

I just opened a lot of Arena Crystals 10 at a time and it was showing that I got 90, 120, 150. . . Energon each time and along with a stack of gold. But when I checked the Energon count on my account it just increased by may be a 100. I am not sure if the gold too was missed out from my account in this crystal opening spree as I am not sure about the initial gold stash. Can this be fixed and is it possible to get back the Energon that was not added to my account. It took me a lot of time to pile up and strong stack of Arena crystals to open together for a descent payout at time of need but when I do try that, this happens!!!!


  • Hey there DrkPrinz!

    Sorry to hear you had an issue regarding Arena Crystals! Although we would love to assist you in getting this fixed, we can't do one on one support on the forums. Due to this, I would highly recommend you throw a Support ticket towards us by clicking on the gear in the upper left hand corner and then clicking on Support!
    Since we are unable to help, I have gone ahead and closed this thread.
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