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Is it ok to use Bluestacks?

I noticed some players are using Bluestacks. Is this ok ? Will it result in a ban ? Thanks


  • In case you didn't know Bluestacks is an emulator that allows the game to be played on a PC
  • That sounds great actually. My Android doesn't run the game at max capacity but I have a titan of a gaming computer. Hopefully we can get confirmation and I actually wanna take a look at this software.
  • MustangjonMustangjon Posts: 1,146
    Any emulator is not approved unless kabam changes their stance and I’m not aware
  • KillMasterCKillMasterC Posts: 3,105
    1. Is it against the term of service.
    2. Emulators may not explore the full capacity of a PC.
    3. What input device would you use? Two mouses?
  • Use a chromebook instead
  • I don't know but someone in the alliance uses it as he says you don't get the lag and connection issues. However if it 's like MCOC, it was frowned on and considered against the terms of service as people were using scripts and abusing it
  • @Mutantdoc
    I have no intention of cheating the game, but no lag and connection issues sounds splendid.
  • Same here. I wouldn't even think of cheating, I like Transformers too much and that would kill my enjoyment of the game--it even feels like cheating sometimes when I'm able to make purchases that my son cannot, so I couldn't imagine actually doing anything to legitimately cheat (is that an oxymoron?--pun intended if so!). But yeah, my PC could run circles around my phone and I know the game would perform a million times better! Good luck trying to overheat my water-cooled CPU! Lol!

    Besides, if cheating scripts were used wouldn't that be fairly easy to trace back to the player that did that?
  • 1. Is it against the term of service.
    2. Emulators may not explore the full capacity of a PC.
    3. What input device would you use? Two mouses?

    Use laptop with touch screen like MS Surface.

    I once tested a moded app street fighter 4. Works perfectly fine.

    A moded app is definitely violates ToS, but i just test for fun & check if contain viruses. Also for Android, SF4 is exclusive on LG only. U can't find in Play Stores.
  • KillMasterCKillMasterC Posts: 3,105
    But SF4 has PC edition. Are there Android exclusive characters?
  • It would be nice if this was an option as my phone gets very hot and this game kills the battery in no time flat. I'm most concerned about the battery swelling and ruining my phone the most.
  • Chromebooks don't overheat and with a good connection no lags either
  • DaveJLDaveJL Posts: 1,779
    if it is against the ToS of MCOC, made by Kabam, with many, many similarities then I would say it is safe to assume it isn’t ok
  • Chromebooks are not against Tos
  • Chromebooks (that include the Google Play store) are okay because they are officially sanctioned Android Devices, but Bluestacks is frowned upon and not really allowed by our Terms of Service.
  • tekkn1kaltekkn1kal Posts: 430
    edited November 2017
    What is the point of using the Chromebook, though? To hook up a gaming controller?

    Otherwise, it is slower than my phone, less portable than my phone, probably actually would overheat before my phone would (even though neither are likely to), and runs at a lower resolution than my phone.

    What is the benefit you guys are looking for? Just a cheap way to run the game better than a really cheap phone? Scripting?
  • AAGZ0921AAGZ0921 Posts: 194
    So is the pixel book allowed?
  • ManthroManthro Posts: 2,752
    More processing power in larger devices.. they are hoping for better performance, less lag.. and the possibility of using a game controller
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