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Introducing: 3 New Mods!

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You’ve all done well building up your bases, carefully selecting the Bots and Mods that stand staunchly in defense against the raiders of other Commanders.

Now, we are ready to introduce you to the next batch of Mods to come to New Quintessa! This week will see the debut of 3 new Mods for you to add to your defenses. These Mods will be making their initial debut in a special Crystal offer, and may later be available in different areas of the game.

Prime Module

Following in the footsteps of Orion Pax, even the meekest of bots, in the darkest of times, can find the strength to prevail while wielding the power of the Primes.

Basic Abilities

If the Defender's Base Attack stat is less than that of the opponent's, the Defender starts the fight with a permanent 25~45% Attack Up buff.

If the Defender's Base Health stat is less than that of the opponent's, the Defender starts the fight with a permanent 25~45% Resistance Up buff.

On Block Begin:
Gains a 20~26% Resistance Buff for 4 seconds.

Signature Ability
Fury of the Primes:
- When the Defender begins to falter, the bot taps into the power of the Primes.
- When the Defender drops below 20% Health it receives a 5~15% Attack Up buff and a 5~15% Resistance Up buff for 10 seconds for each alive bot on the opponent's team.

Good Matches: Arcee, Ratchet, Mirage, Windblade… Bots with lower base stats will benefit the most from this Mod’s abilities. Bots with higher base stats will not benefit as much.

Tech Console

A seemingly-innocuous programming interface capable of mechanical annihilation in the hands of Tech Bots.

Basic Abilities
Enhanced Repair, Enhanced Power Gain, Enhanced Shock

The strength of Repair Buffs is increased by 30~67% and further increased by 30~67% for every 25% missing health.

The strength of Power Gain Buffs is increased by 30~67% and further increased by 30~67% for every 25% missing health.

The strength of Shock Debuffs are increased by 50~112% and further increased by 50~112% for every 25% missing health.

When activating a Power Gain or Repair Buff:
Activates Tech Shielding, capping the maximum damage of an opponent’s attack to 2% of the defender’s max Health.

Signature Ability:
Divert Shields:
- Activates Tech Shielding when filling a Power Bar. Whenever activating Tech Shielding, if any Shields are active, it also activates an Attack Buff.
- Activates Tech Shielding when filling a Power Bar. Whenever activating Tech Shielding, if any Shields are active, it also activates an Attack Buff, increasing Attack Rating by 40% for 4~10 seconds.

Good Matches: Ratchet, Sideswipe - These bots have powerful healing and power gaining abilities that will be super-charged while under the effects of this module.

Scout’s Sentry

With knowledge of your weaknesses and the agility to strike first, Scout Bots eliminates opponents without recourse.

Basic Abilities
Improved Evade, Improved Critical Buffs, Power Gain

Evades are 20~40% more likely and Evade Buffs last 20~60% longer.
Critical Chance Buffs are 25~45% stronger and last 20~60% longer.

On Evade
Inflict Power Lock for 3 seconds.

On Critical Hit:
Instantly gain 2~12% power.

Signature Ability
- Evades from the Defender cause the Attacker to suffer from deadly exhaustion.
- While Opponent is Power Locked, attacker loses health equal to 3~10% of their Attack Rating for as long as they are Power Locked.

Good Matches: Sideswipe - Sideswipe will deal more critical hits, gain more power and evade more consistently denying power from the attacker. You’ll want to avoid Bots that don’t evade well/often or that don’t make use of Critical Hit Rate Buffs.

These are the newest additions to the Fight, and will only be available in a Crystal for purchase later this week. This upcoming Crystal will also contain the unreleased 3-Star and 4-Star versions of the Superconductor 1000 and Superconductor 2000 Mods, as well as the formerly Knight Crystal exclusive Transwarp Mod, and it's formerly unreleased 4-Star Version as well.


  • Wow these mods seem OP. Bring it on!
  • TerminalTerminal Posts: 789
    Evade is really imbalanced and if there's going to be more evade stuff it needs to have something like it can only trigger on the first hit and not in the middle of combos or they can't attack for 0.5s or something.

    The AI abuses evade by getting unblockable/unavoidable hits by attacking during the attack animation after their evade procs.

    It means evade is giving way more benefit than it's supposed to. Instead of just evade it's evade plus a free 5 hit combo.
  • KillMasterCKillMasterC Posts: 3,105
    Wow, incredibly promising. Let's see how they improve base defense. I think it's time to replace Superconductor with any one of them.
  • Joker69Joker69 Posts: 345
    edited November 2017
    Will this crystal with the new mods be available for energon or will it be added to the raid store rotation?
  • Mutantdoc wrote: »
    Wow these mods seem OP. Bring it on!

    That's exactly what I thought. These mods are going to be insane.
  • KillMasterCKillMasterC Posts: 3,105
    edited November 2017
    @Terminal I know how it feels when AI abuses evasion. But... these mods can only be used on base defense, which has always been a joke. Any boost to it can be justified (to some extent). Evasion is crucial for Scouts with lower health. And this opens opportunity to reconsider your attack squad, bring anti-evaders like Hod Rod, Arcee or Bonecrusher.
    Double-edged sword it is, anyway. Think about it when you're trying to buy T2A essence.
  • Joker69Joker69 Posts: 345
    Why have these posts Been flagged?? They're not spam
  • With bringing these mods in, can we address the imbalance of bases? The following is a snap shot of base I came upon. Waste of time As they don’t even have enough chips to raid for. I know I can pass it up for 2 energon, but I shouldn’t be having to pass easy bases. That option to me is to bypass bases that are too hard. The second picture is a snapshot of that persons profile which clearly shows they should be fielding a higher base. I have blacked out the respective name on each photo as my intention is not to dog the person, but the method. How can a person get 35k chips for t3b if they get a base like this once every 3 hours?
  • @Kabam Miike Enter Smoke Screen. Where’s the prime in waiting at?
  • I think we can address the matchup problem by adding a filter for you to chose the number of raid chips you earn from fighting and also the amount of medals. This should be based on your medal count too
  • KillMasterCKillMasterC Posts: 3,105
    I think we talk about "AI abuses" evades because AI takes advantage of them: they know at which hit evade can proc and go back hit us. But evade is a random thing for players. I hate using Bumblebee because his evade often catches me off guard, like when I'm blocking a series of attack, I know I can retaliate on the last hit and I'm preprared, but somewhere near the end... evade! I don't have that kind of reflex time to dash back like AI does.
    Another probability related ability is Soundwave's reflection. You can't count on it at all to block ranged heavies, you shouldn't even count on it trading shots with enemies because it's not worthwhile. The only situation when reflection doesn't happen as a nice surprise, is when you block ranged specials and pray the last hit to be reflected. That's as sure as praying for a critical hit.

    That said, scouts are entitled to receive such boost on base defense.
  • These randomly weak matches come up because people suddenly take all their bots off their base.

    The solution is making sure there's a good reason to keep a strong defense, and that everyone knows about it.
    Right now, winning defense is the main way to get a sustained increase in medals, so far as I can tell. If you get raided every time you raid, and you win all your raids, the only way to get a net gain is winning on defense. That also takes you out of the raid pool for a little while,. Unless I'm mistaken, this is really the only way to move up the medal tally and gain access to higher point bases and better points in alliance events, and the max featured bot chips per raid in those weeks.
    How significant all that is... I dunno

    There's also the gold rewards you get for having good bots on defense, but I'm sure no one is unaware of that perk :)
  • Oh, and these new mods look promising
  • The mods look nice. And they need to penalize more chips lost when people with high medal counts sandbag by putting low bots on defense to lose less chips. It’s awesome when someone with 2200+ medal count will have a base defense of 4K and you can only gain 2k chips.
  • DirculesDircules Posts: 509
    Mallowman wrote: »
    The mods look nice. And they need to penalize more chips lost when people with high medal counts sandbag by putting low bots on defense to lose less chips. It’s awesome when someone with 2200+ medal count will have a base defense of 4K and you can only gain 2k chips.

    If that's what people think, then that is really dumb. The chips you lose is based on the chips you have, not on how much defense your base has. That just affects how much someone wins, not how much you lose. I put up the highest defense I can manage while still being able to raid and play AM so people who come across my base get a decent number of chips :)
  • @Dircules I agree. I hate having to blow energon to only get 2k chips in a raid.
  • Hey Everybody,

    We've just thrown up our Version 4.1 patch notes, and there's a line in there referring to Mods that I wanted to bring your attention to!

    "Updated Mod rankup recipes for 3-Star Rank 4 and 4-Stars, allowing for rank up with T1 Mod Sparks."

    What does this mean? Well, we're changing up the Rank Up Materials necessary, and instead of introducing Tier 2 Mod Sparks, we're replacing them with Tier 1 Mod Sparks! This will be live in the game after the new version drops on November 22nd.
  • KillMasterCKillMasterC Posts: 3,105
    @Kabam Miike What's the selling rate of T1a->T2a? Hope it's not 40, like T2b to T3b.
  • KillMasterCKillMasterC Posts: 3,105
    Sorry @Terminal but that's not just you who get flagged and I'm sure the problem isn't your reasoning either. You see we all get flagged....
    But your idea is great (I almost skipped it thinking you're reposting general forum etiquette or something LOL): evade should remain "evade" but not "evade and striking back freely".
  • TerminalTerminal Posts: 789
    edited November 2017
    @KillMasterC Unfortunately, it's happened multiple times, in multiple threads, not only to myself but also to other individuals, like poor old Jon, who, yeah may be blunt at times and rub people the wrong way, doesn't deserve the mass amount of spam and abuse flags he's gathered. Seeing it happen once again here, is now too many times for me to not speak out about it. On the other hand, the mass flagging that is also in here is less common, but not the first time either, and more like someone just venting and being a general troll feeling powerless and doing whatever they can to try and reclaim some power in their life. The mods have a keen eye though, so I sometimes see the flags cleaned up later on (for myself and others), so if you check my history you won't see a complete record of it, the most blatant ones are the easiest for the team to catch and clean I guess... but again, that's extra work for them that people are creating unnecessarily and it must be a hassle for them.
  • TechTech Posts: 15
    I disagree with the idea that evade should only be evade.

    Bot defense is horrible and one of the few means of causing damage is to get lucky on an evade.
  • SanjaySanjay Posts: 14
    Good but old mood how renk up 3
  • DirculesDircules Posts: 509
    Thanks Kabam!
  • SynthwaveSynthwave Posts: 1,012
    edited November 2017
    Is that a 4 star Superconductor 1000 or 2000?
  • DirculesDircules Posts: 509
    2000. Goes on Prowl I guess.
  • SynthwaveSynthwave Posts: 1,012
    Yeah, him, IH, or Shockwave.
  • @Kabam Miike , I know the Exclusive Mods are available only for the Exclusive Mod Crystal, but later on, will they come to the other Mod Crystals? Or at least, will you make the Exclusive Mod Crystal available to purchase like the Premium Bot and Mod Crystals? Because it's kind of annoying to have to wait for these Special Energon Offers...
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