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Battlegroup Entrance

I do not know whether or not this bug/glitch is isolated or not so here goes. Whenever i attempt to join a BG the “Error” message pops up. (I understand this only the first day of ancient sanctum’s appearance and this could just be a common bug)


  • Happening here too. 2 officers started 6 minutes apart cause it won’t let us join any AM just start. Then others join and it kicks them out with an error
  • BOFADBOFAD Posts: 472
    Same here this map is messed up.
  • Gunz0Gunz0 Posts: 2,807
    Same problem for me, I think the map is broken for everyone
  • I may just have to talk a friend into making a game to replace this one. For everyone here. Getting tired of any change coming with bugs that completely block everything that should have been tested out before release. Do not remember a single change or update in the game that ran even close to smoothly
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