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4* Arena - No 3* Shard rewards?

I know that the 4* arena(where you can only use 3 and 4* bots) is for getting 4*'s. That being said, I find it slightly odd that there is zero 3 star shards to acquire here. Not even the upper milestones have 3* shards.

Would you guys be on board for adding a small 3* shard reward at one of the milestones or perhaps at one of the ranks? Improving/deepening your 3* bot pool is pretty much our main way of advancing right now and I feel weird doing that only to then not be able to use my 3* bot pool to further increase my 3* roster(only 2* bots doing 3* arena can do this).

Not asking for a big one or even an easy one. We could put it on the last milestone reward for 4* arena or something(which I still currently wouldn't get and I'd be ok with that because eventually I would).

Just feels slightly bad right now that the bots I'm focusing on leveling can't help me increase that pool through arena right now(because 4* are really impossible to level atm outside of rank 1/20).

Just curious what everyone thinks about that.


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