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Sgtbio42Sgtbio42 Posts: 2
edited January 2018 in Bugs and Known Issues
Have been banned for 3d party software?????? Please help whom do I contact can I get any support?


  • KittenPrimeKittenPrime Posts: 1,144
    Don’t hack, kids
  • Never hacked that's the problem I'm confused
  • KittenPrimeKittenPrime Posts: 1,144
    Sgtbio42 wrote: »
    Never hacked that's the problem I'm confused

    3rd party software = pretty much hacking you’re using a forbidden software which breaks the terms of service to benefit yourself
  • Hey there, the forums aren't really the place to discuss actions taken on individual accounts, including bans. If anyone is looking to appeal a ban, they'd need to get in contact with our support team. They can be reached here.
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