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Well, now what?

What should I do if I'm stuck in this situation:
Revive and health kits are A LOT RARER than T2A essence and the healing/revive amount is even worse than Optimus Primal's repair
And where the f%$¥ is the energon in the raid store? There hasn't been 1 for a month.


  • DonApisDonApis Posts: 544
    Quit it and try again later.
  • Probably should have used one of those boosts that you “rarely” use. Kidding aside, just pray you get a revive from one of the 4 hr crystals.
  • Nick_80Nick_80 Posts: 225
    Or you could drop 5 bucks lol
  • that1guythat1guy Posts: 374
    If you fail, try again. It's doable with your roster.
  • I sit on my 4 hour crystals for situations like this.
  • Faithz17Faithz17 Posts: 842
    You have 4 R3s and 1 R2 equivalent. Out of curiosity, I brought my bots at that level to try it out too, I don’t have that many R3s so I brought 2 R3s, 2 R2s and 1 R3 that I just ranked up but not leveled yet. I went the Bonecrusher path and it’s completely do-able with my bots. So probably save your items, your energon, and just restart it.
  • Pofh1Pofh1 Posts: 50
    I like how energon from raid crystals anymore. Boy, that really makes my day when I get gold crystals because it isn't redundant or anything now.

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