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Crashing bug

I need your help guys , the game is crashing so much for me , this never hapened before (my cellphone is Android , a Motorola G5) since AM iniciated this bug is happening to me , and the bots Lost 5k HP too , give me tips to resolve this bug #KabamFixThisPls :(:(:(


  • ManthroManthro Posts: 2,752
    Don't worry, they'll fix just in time for everyone to use all their kits and energon.

    Not before though, that would be bad business.
  • Help my and my Alliance guys pls :/
  • CONTRACONTRA Posts: 23
    Same problem and I am running on moto g5 s plus
  • Hey Naiguitimare,

    There is already a discussion post about this topic that you've commented on. I'm going to close this post so that we can keep the same conversation in one spot and not clutter the forums with multiple instances of the same topic. Thanks!
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