5* base gold

Do all 5* bots give 1815 fold on base? I've had my scream on base since i got him and have always got 1313.... now that i put my UM i see he gives 1815? Others in my alliance with multiple 5* on base say they all give 1815... is scream broke? qa4o59p93fyu.jpg


  • willdorfwilldorf Posts: 149
    I think it has to do with the placement. My 5* on the middle node gives 1815 and the ones i have on side nodes give 1313. All are same rank/level.
  • Scream is first node and um is middle. I'll move and see if makes a difference
  • I swapped scream off that node and it fixed. Brought him back and he is still at 1815. Idk what happened but at least it's right now. Sucks i missed out on 500 gold every 8 hours for the last month or so
  • willdorfwilldorf Posts: 149
    Yeah you're right, i switched my two that were giving 1313 and they changed to 1815
  • Hmm, that is odd. I'm happy this was resolved for you guys, but I'll ask the team to take a look into this as well.
  • WolfmillsWolfmills Posts: 247
    I just checked all my r2 5* show the same amount of gold regardless where they are on my base
  • Frugalli88Frugalli88 Posts: 124
    I think Kabam silently upped the gold returns on 5*s. It was 1313 for the longest time and 1815 is the new amount. Thanks for the upgrade, much appreciated.
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