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Avatar Changing Tutorial (For Mobile Devices)

Gunz0Gunz0 Posts: 1,395
edited July 11 in General Discussion
Please read this post before you decide to make a thread asking the mods how to change your forum avatar..
Here's how it's done
Click on 'full site', it'll direct you to the full site of this forum
Scroll down to the bottom and click on your image at the 'Who's Active' section, it'll lead you to your profile page
Once you're in your profile page, you'll need to scroll down to see your HUGE avatar, click on 'Change Picture', you'll be able to select anyone you like
Click on any character you like, scroll down and click on 'Save Avatar'

You can also return to mobile site by clicking on 'Back to Mobile Site' which is located at the BOTTOM of EVERY forum page
Same goes for ipad and computers, but you don't need to travel from Mobile to Full sites

@Kabam Miike @Kabam Ahab @Kabam Vydious @";"Kabam Spice" , feel free to edit the post and correct my grammar


  • kalashnikovakalashnikova Posts: 2
    Thank you soo much for the tutorial, it just saved me alot of time and it's just awesome to have your favorite bot as profile picture! :)
  • Thanks Gunz0! Excellent post! This is very helpful for everyone!
  • ScissorkickScissorkick Posts: 11
    Thanks so much man!
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