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Star Saber relic remain / return in the store?

Just wondering if the Star Saber is going to remain in the store or make a repeat appearance after the current expiration date. I want to get one, but i'd also like to pick up the tier4 Galvatron relic, and considering i can currently only get 10 tickets per month (no full completion of Master for me yet) it means i can only get one or the other.

Im sure the lower relics will be rotated, but any chance the big ticket items like the Star Saber will remain?



  • 0VERKILL0VERKILL Posts: 75
    Would be great if we could get clarification on how the rotation of the relics in the store will work.


  • SparkShredderSparkShredder Posts: 1,300
    I'm definitely gonna go Special Relics,, for instant benefit Hotrod relic will be great,,, but in long run, Special Relics would be great.
  • PrfctcellrulzPrfctcellrulz Posts: 130
    edited August 2018
    I would also like the Star Saber to be a recurring item. That way I can get the Gold Galvatron Relic now then save up my tickets for it in the future.

    Also I would like the Matrix of Leadership in the store at some point since I initially missed out on it.
  • woo224woo224 Posts: 180
    I predict there will be two Spotlight Mission Relics and a special relic every two months. Not counting the current Galvatron and Hot Rod relics, there are nine Spotlight Mission relics and four non-solo-mission relics left. So after 8 or 10 months, the Star Saber may come around again.
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