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Help! Which tech to R5?

Hi everyone, i wanna ask which tech would be the most useful for end game missions and stuff eg. RoK and alliance missions. Thanks!!

Help! Which tech to R5? 11 votes

Mirage duped
CandKaneFaithz17SparkShredderBlack_Thought 4 votes
Soundwave duped
Peas 1 vote
Shockwave duped
Gunz0UrAverageMalakaCelt 3 votes
Ratchet duped
Wheeljack duped
Tracked_SignalBurningBaronSycko5 3 votes


  • SynthwaveSynthwave Posts: 1,012
    Well tech bots also have a lot of great synergies you can capitalize on, so knowing what other bots you like to use might help you make a more informed decision.

    That said, you really won't need any tech bots for RoK, except for Ratchet as support, but he doesn't need to be r5 to do that. You can beat RoK with OG, Rat, MV1, Grimlock (duped) and Jazz/Prowl. All the bots can easily be handled by OG, with the exception of Mirage and Bonecrusher. MV1 will eat up Bonecrusher and you'll finish with close to 100% HP. Mirage will require Grimlock to absorb ranged shock or Prowl to power drain. Plus these two give OG great synergies.

    AM, you can really bring any of them, it just depends on your team. Soundwave would be my only caveat. Unless he's close to sig 100, don't bother with him.
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