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Weekly Boosts Each Week, Every Spotlight

Here's A Little Suggestions for Kabam that apply to make Heavens in particular modes of games per week each spotlight.

First Week of Spotlight: 50% Reduction in Energy Timers- Alliance and Mission.

Second Week : +30% Raid Chips. Put some worthy itmes like 4* Signs|Shards, T3C Essences, T4 Knight, Energon whole week, day by day. 3* Awards and Gold Crystals available each and every day.

Third Week : 40% reduction to Raid Ticket timers. About 35min after reduction. It's Raid Chip week.

Fourth Week : +30% Gold Generation and -15% Gold Cost while Ranking up Bots, Not Level Ups. When almost everyone would be having the Featured Bot for level up and rank ups.


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