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Signature Upgrade Packs

Who came up with the contents of these packs? The one for 3* is fine for its price. But the problem with the 4* and 5* is that the contents don't match what the pack is supposed to be for.

For 4*: Yeah, 11 upgrades for 4* is fine, but why put the superior crystals (11 of them) in the pack when its more than a 95% chance that the upgrade will be for a 3*? If Kabam wanted the 11 to have a chance for a random 4* class, why not do just that? That way, all upgrades are for 4*, not half of them for 3* too.

For 5*: As with 4*, the 11 upgrades for 5* bots is fine, and the 5* crystal, I'm guessing, gives an upgrade for a specific, random class which is fine too--exactly what should have been done for the 4* pack. What really doesn't make sense is the 111 superior sig crystals. That has absolutely NOTHING to do with 5* anythings at all. 111 gold crystals would make more sense than including crystals that don't even apply to 5* bots. Unless this is just for the big spenders that blindly throw money at Kabam every time something comes out in the energon store, its hard to see anyone spending 50 bucks on this pack that for the most part has nothing to do with 5* signatures.


  • Mufc14Mufc14 Posts: 634
    @Kabam Miike I am just trying to save you the trouble.
  • I wasn't writing about "appeal". And I admitted there was some value in the deals. What I did was point out how not all of the content of the 4* pack has anything to do with 4* bots, and a majority of the content of the 5* pack has nothing to do with 5* bots. Miike's comments only apply if you didn't understand my point I was making and you just wanted to reply to someone without actually contributing to the discussion.
  • Mufc14Mufc14 Posts: 634
    First there is no discussion here, it’s a cash deal available for 2 days buy it or leave it, discussing it would not change a thing.
    Second the lower tier sigs & gold are related to higher tier bots & let me explain it for you.
    If you bought the 4* deal you will get 4* sigs, 3* sigs & gold.
    Use the 4* sigs on your 4* bot then use the 3* sigs on your 3* & the gold to rank it up then forge it into your 4* to get more 4* shards & more forging experience, same apply for the 5* deal.
    Can you see how it’s all related?
  • So..."there is no discussion here", then, "let me explain it for you"?? Hmm...which should I believe? Which should I believe? Lol.

    If there's no discussion, then stop replying. And if there is no discussion, then what makes you think I'd take anything seriously from you after the word "here"?

    I didn't hold a gun to your head and force you to participate here. Take your control issues and talk to someone else.
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