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Line App Recruiting Chat?

Does anyone know if there is a Tftf chat on the Line app used for recruitment? There is no info on the Tftf411bot about any. If there is, would someone invite me to it. My Line ID is spideysoflo305. Thanks in advance for your help.


  • There is one and I was in it for a while but to me it doesn't seem effective unless it's changed. When I was there they only let/wanted recruiters in there so it seemed like non stop notes being posted but the only players seeing them were other recruiters. Doesn't seem too effective. Also, at the time there were a lot of people getting invited that didn't mind the rules of the chat and would start chatting about everything but recruiting and it got annoying so Dogzilla cleaned house and only known recruiters or players who asked to stay remained. Personally i think it should be a chat that anyone can look up and check out provided you stick to the content rules. "TFTF Recruiting"
  • Thanks MVSteve
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