The Bumblebee Movie

No spoilers here. Just gonna say that after just now watching it, that is EXACTLY how Transformers should have been for live action movies. Bay got it 100% wrong. I'm not sure what this movie will make, but if Bay had done his movies like this, he wouldn't have quit after the 5th because they wouldn't have sucked and would have made so much more than they did!

There are also a ton of easter eggs in there too! Some obvious, some that non-G1 fans just won't get.

Really makes me want to play Bumblebee in this game. Glad I got the 5* G1 Bee yesterday too!


  • I can’t wait to see it!
  • Anyone who is not a g1 fan should leave
  • KillMasterCKillMasterC Posts: 1,886
    1st TF movie to have made fresh on RT. Trust the pros.
  • *leaves the topic*
  • I loved the movie so much. It is my new favourite movie. Epsecially
    When ‘The Touch’ mad a cameo.
    all the you could see who was fighting who, humour wasn’t as cringy, characters who a like able, the G1 references, the voice acting
    cullen reprising his rightful role, soundwave’s robotic voice, and they got john bailey to so shockwave which sounded just like the g1 shockwave (but even better i reckon)
    it is just a love letter to all transformers fans

    The fight choreography was probably one of the best. Each kick, jump, punch flowed along so good
    And the fight on cybertron was probably my favourite thing from any movie.

    I thank you knight for making such a great movie
  • Darm0kDarm0k Posts: 1,418
    We need some Travis Knight crystals...
  • Thanks for using spoiler tags :) I'm super excited to see it this weekend!
  • Anyone who is not a g1 fan should leave

    Disagree. This film is not just G1 fanboyism (theres a fair amount, but not at the expense of the film as a whole) and younger generations will enjoy it plenty too.
  • Not just for the fans, but for the fans it was pure awesome! I'd go again just for the Cybertron scenes alone! How many things from G1 did people catch from the movie? I mean aside from the obvious like voices and how the bots looked.

    One thing that was absent that was in G1, not just here but a lot of Transformer stuff lately, is Prime being too serious and not having some fun. Goofy stuff sure, but Spike taught Prime to play basketball, the Autobots played football against the Dinobots, snowball fights, etc. There were fun moments in there for sure, but it would be cool to see Prime have some fun with some down time.
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