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Joining AM

Currently, members who join an alliance after AM has started are unable to join AM for that day. I would like to request that as long as there is space in BG, they can join AM.

Scenario 1: AM has started and a member left suddenly without joining BG. Someone else can join the alliance and join the BG.

Scenario 2: a member left after joining BG. In this case, the member would still be considered as part of the 18 since he has joined BG. Even if someone else comes in, he would not be able to join BG.

AM rewards are based on who is in each BG, not who is in the alliance at time of rewards disbursement.

Reason for this:
With the monthly objective of 10 AM fights with featured bot, members have to hop in and out during AM days to complete this objective. As an Asian player, AM starts 3am our time. As such, players have to leave before rewards are out, or if they wait to collect rewards (which is fair) the replacement player is asleep and can’t join when AM starts. Allowing members to join AM regardless of when they joined the alliance, using the BG count to keep track, would give some flexibility and make this planning a whole lot easier.

Another potential reason is also that this helps guards against players who suddenly go awol. 12 hours after AM starts, alliance officers can still kick them out and bring in someone else to help BG when awol member has not joined BG yet.


  • TechnosTechnos Posts: 29
    It shouldn't be adapted. As every alliance has to deal with this it's OK.
    Swapping players around isn't going to work.
    A guy joins am. Take a few bots and ko, then leaves alliance. The second account comes in, takes a few bots and ko, then leaves alliance. Etc.

    Exactly this is why the system should not be updated. Deal with it as alliance. **** happens and that we all have to deal with.

    Regarding the am objective I agree it's a stupid thing, they better make it the arena objective. But well, it's a challenge to keep top spits while getting the objective too.
  • Faithz17Faithz17 Posts: 823
    Technos wrote: »
    It shouldn't be adapted.
    A guy joins am. Take a few bots and ko, then leaves alliance. The second account comes in, takes a few bots and ko, then leaves alliance. Etc.

    Eh the usual alliance rules are still in place... like before you admit someone in, you vet them. In your above scenario, the 2 accounts joined BG, so even when they leave the alliance, they have already taken up spaces in BG and it will only be reset once this AM ends and the next one is started. So not like people can keep coming in obviously.
  • asparagusasparagus Posts: 173
    edited April 2019
    But mercs would still do that. I understand and agree with basically everything you're saying but I belive it's set the way it is for a reason. There is an infinite laundry list of exploits that can be applied if they loosen things up. I think alot of this stems from mcoc where they have even tighter rules. There I think you have to be in an alliance for a week before you're elligible for quest and war rewards. Or at least, I recall there being a rule like that implimented at one time.
  • BOFADBOFAD Posts: 472
    You only need 12 players for the map so I highly doubt kabam is going to change it
  • kranderskranders Posts: 479
    It shouldn’t be adapted so players can complete the monthly objective. If they can’t complete it at the level you’re playing then that’s too bad. I’ve skipped it myself. If they need to do it then that’s on them and you as the leader.

    If it’s that important to them they have four weeks to get the bot and level him up, which is what I’ve done for OP this month.

    And for your other scenario if someone goes AWOL then that’s tough too. We’ve dealt with it and either dropped a rank or managed it. The system should not be changed so you can collect everything and still maintain you’re rank easily.
  • Faithz17Faithz17 Posts: 823
    Have you had the scenario where someone is heading out for a day to do the AM objective, and you just let the person collect rewards before leaving or for the new person to collect rewards on the other side before coming in? You can simply just wait for few minutes or perhaps 30 mins cos it’s probably in the afternoon time when AM starts and everyone is awake. In Asia, we are sleeping. We have some officers based in Europe time zone who start AM but rest of us are sleeping. So allowing members who just joined alliance to join BG if BG still has space would level this disadvantage because this is a global game and not everyone is awake when AM starts.

    Honestly there are workarounds that we can do on our end but was hoping for Kabam to think on this option.
  • JKLJKL Posts: 963
    Easiest solution is really just change the AM objective to become an individual raid objective.
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