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    @TheGPMG I'm having all those issues as well. I don't think it's worth my time to send kabam a support ticket. I got a tip from one of my alliance members for Android users that are having problems with crashing; supposedly Android users can delete Google Games and see if that stops the crashing (it worked for my alliance member, but not me because I'm on Apple). @BlackRazak I saw that you do a lot of work testing phones to see what works with the new update and what doesn't. Feel free to pass on that tip to any Android users that are experiencing crashing issues. So far, I haven't heard any working solutions for apple.
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    I'm using an iPod Touch 6th gen. I've had it for close to 3 years. The performance is good and so are the graphics. Didn't have any issues before the update.
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    Adding on to my above post, there's also a small overheating problem. It doesn't affect the performance of the game though, so I'm not disturbed by it. And a correction - I did have issues with crashing before the update; it usually crashed after 2 hours of constant gameplay, but the crashes still rarely occurred. Now, it's crashing after every fight, in between fights, or every 30 sec. to 3 min. of being on. I wish there was a solution, because the crashing that counts as "quitting" is preventing me from completing Master difficulty on the spotlight mission.
  • @Kabam Miike do you have any updates on the status of this bug fix? I know a few people who are ready to quit altogether if things don’t get fixed soon. I’m using a regular old iPhone 6 that has no problems running any other app, but this is the one I’ve been the most hooked on. I don’t really want to think the money I’ve spent on this game has completely gone to waste
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    So you're saying the iPod is the cause of the crashing? The iPod also has 16GB of storage, useless the storage
    and RAM are different (I'm not very techy). @BlackRazakk
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    Thank you for the help. And one more question. I have a Moto g6 play; do you think the game would run better on that, or should I look into getting something different? If I should get something different, I'm going to wait a while because I just got the Moto 2 months ago. @BlackRazak
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    I hope this issue is resolved soon. I’m losing bots in AM quick cuz I can’t fight without it crashing. My iPad 3 mini I could fight at least 3 fights and now it’s down to 1 if I’m lucky. I can’t even work on spotlight missions cuz I lose half my health when it crashes. My game was fine before this January 9th 2019 update.
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    BlackRazak wrote: »
    Even Kabam mentioned they're moving away from ~1GB RAM devices, back in Nov 2017(!!!)
    Yes I know my device is getting on in years. But the game has not changed noticeably in graphics to suggest this recent update was a major overhaul. And when it does run stably for a few minutes, the performance is fine, A-OK. There's no lag building up; the crashes are instantaneous. And now they are happening in the game areas other than the fight screens.
    Kabam's F2F requirements does not yet rule out the iPhone 6, so it's not unreasonable to expect this issue to be rectified. What is unreasonable is to expect customers to upgrade devices to continue playing bloatware.
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    @BlackRazak Just thought I'd post a follow up to your suggestion of trying the game on my Moto G6. Like you said, the performance and graphics are extremely poor. Besides that, the game runs surprisingly well and the game hasn't crashed at all (yet). I did experience severe amounts of lag in fights, but I restarted my phone and it solved that. I did notice that, after about 10-15 minutes of constant gameplay, the game does start to lag quite a bit, and can only be solved by restarting my phone (which can be quite annoying). Regardless, thank you very much for all of your help!
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    Honestly, having to restart my phone so often is just as bad as the game crashing on the iPod. If there really is nothing that I can do to stop the crashing on the iPod, I should just look into getting something new.
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    Skywarp wrote: »
    Honestly, having to restart my phone so often is just as bad as the game crashing on the iPod. If there really is nothing that I can do to stop the crashing on the iPod, I should just look into getting something new.

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    What about my iPod @Kitten ?
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    I constantly drop games when starting a fight. Arena,am,missions. They all drop. It’s been 3days since I posted this is when it started. I’m losing rewards and unable to compete in am. Please fix or let me know what I can do to resolve this problem.
  • So uh anyone else still having problems still?

    Just to give an update I feel like somethins been fixed a little cuz my game used to freeze 100% of the time before a fight but since February or March it now only freezes like 50% of the time. It usually freezes only at the start or end of a fight unless I try to use a heavy attack, then it will freeze during a fight. If I don’t heavy attack then it rarely freezes during. However when it freezes at the start, I lose half my health when I reload the game and when it freezes at the end of the fight it is usually just before the fight ends so I lose my victory and half my health as well which is frustrating. I also noticed the game freezes more often in particular when I am fighting against scorpinok or hound or when I’m using wheeljack or scorpinok. I was just trying to beat hound on expert for the spotlight with wheeljack and it froze 6 times in a row and I’ve lost my whole health bar.

    I don’t even bother to try to 100% master anymore because of this, or play arena because if it freezes twice in a row I lose my win streak. I have been allianceless since Jan because I would lose too much health in AMs as well. Did everyone else’s issues get fixed or have we just given up?

    I use an iPhone 6 model A1586
  • Why do some community members attempt to run this game on hardware that is barebones specifications by today's standards, at least 3-4 generations out, and expect it to work without issues?

    You can do one of two things:
    - you have a new paperweight or -upgrade to a more recent device.

    As with any software you would buy, there is a minimum requirements and recommended requirement.

    Kabam needs to define the requirements for both Android (aka Lagdroid) and iOS (i O S---). Game should do a check. If it does not meet minimum requirements, it should terminate or exit. This should cut down the issues.
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    Probably because most people get whatever phone they can afford, whatever goes with "great" offers for new customers, or its a gift from someone else (who may not know about this game). Rarely do people buy phones based on how well it plays this game--I recently did when I had finally set aside enough for the Galaxy S10+ and it plays like a frickin dream come true, but I'm just that kind of TF fan. Or they don't find out about this game until after they've had their phone for a while. Take your pic, you won't be far off. And if most businesses still run Windows 7 or even 8, you can expect the average person to also have tech that's 3-4 generations older than the newest new thing.

    Plus its probably more like players want the game to operate with some kind of basic reliability whether graphics, etc., are good or not. New phones can handle higher requirements or "recommended stats", but the game itself should be stable on phones that are 2-3 years old and since this game has been around 2 years, not counting beta, there's really no excuse for the game constantly freezing, rebooting or lagging to the point that it can't be played even with minimal graphics and processing.

    That said, up until I got my wife the latest iphone, she had an iphone 6 and it played the game better than my LG Stylo 4+ that just came out this past December.
  • Yeah my phone was a gift. I can’t upgrade right now so I’ll just deal with it for now but I wouldn’t want to buy a whole new phone solely for a free to play game anyways since my phone runs all other games and apps I have perfectly fine. And though my phone is out of date, I was playing this game with little to no problems from May 2018 to Jan 2019. But then the game updated with the new kabam logo and it was completely broken, and nothing in the game seemed different from how it was before so I just don’t get why that update makes the game freeze so much now when it ran perfectly fine before then for months. I’ve tried reinstalling as well and that doesn’t work.

    Plus isn’t it a poor business decision to have your game only run good on a select few phones? If I was a gaming company I would want my game to run good on as many devices as possible to rake in more profits. Just think of how many hundreds or maybe even thousands of potential customers they’ve lost because someone downloads the game only to find that it freezes over and over. The first conclusion people are gonna jump to isn’t that it’s their phone, they’ll probably blame the freezing on the game and think it’s broken. In the App Store it says my phone is compatible with this game but it clearly isn’t so they should probably remove devices they say are compatible that just freeze all the time.
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