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During battles, show numerical health amount remaining above health bar

With a few bots having signatures that trigger when certain health levels are reached, it would be nice to know exactly when this is going to happen instead of trying to eyeball the health bar and guess. I would like to see a stat appear above the health bars that shows how much max health they have and how much is remaining.

Example: 1240/4600 with the first number being how much is remaining and the second how much they started with.




  • BumblebeeBumblebee Posts: 581
    How ingenious of you! Would love to this :)
  • rawrrawr Posts: 20
    if they could, they would have done it with the xp bar already
    doing so would reduce the amount of energon spent
    dont hold your breath
  • Yes it will be nice but they don't care. If they wanted to do it they would of done it when they was creating the game. I don't think they'll be that stupid to leave it out.
  • Hey there Commanders!

    So this is actually some pretty awesome feedback here! I can definitely see why this could be beneficial to have. Although this isn't something I can promise will happen, I can promise I can forward this feedback along.

    Again, thank you all for sharing this with us!
  • SynthwaveSynthwave Posts: 1,012
    Thanks for the response @Kabam Rimehaven . Hope it makes it to the next update.
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