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Are you experiencing crashing with the half hp penalty in AM?

asparagusasparagus Posts: 184
edited July 2017 in General Discussion
We all know why the penalty exists. People force close to save their bots. And I know this has been brought up several times, even after it was fixed in the latest patch. The game crashes on my Nexus 6 a few times per day, which I can deal with, but it just ruins things in AM. The patch did help. I only receive the penalty about half the time now, but still, even once in AM is huge.

I know this is a known issue, but I'm just curious to see how many of you are experiencing it. I played mcoc for more than a year and never had crashing issues, even while playing on a Samsung S2. Alliance mates, often playing on brand new devices complained about having similar issues to what I am experiencing now. So, I understand it's a complicated problem.

I'm not trying to push a repeat topic, well, maybe a little. But really I'm just curious to see how many of us forum folk are having this issue.

Are you experiencing crashing with the half hp penalty in AM? 13 votes

STORMZZProtectobot91ToxieAvengerDarkPhilosopherBlazinhobbsDirculesPAINKiLLeR13asparagusMaestroCharleshot25 10 votes
TotherkinsVulcan112DeePrime 3 votes


  • Sometimes I'm in AM battling and the game freezes but the time still ticking away. Sometime my bot will die and if I'm lucky I get unfreeze with 1min30sec left. So u think its fair that one of ur bot dies in the beginning of AM. Lower AM are OK but if higher AM its a problem.
  • DirculesDircules Posts: 509
    edited July 2017
    I actually got saved by this on one occasion. I had to pause the fight and switch to different app. Then forgot about the fight in AM. When I came back to TFTF the fight had long expired, but it gave an unspecified error and instead of losing the whole bot I only lost half :)

    Though I did have to do the whole fight instead of where I left off :/
  • TotherkinsTotherkins Posts: 299
    Both of my devices have yet to crash in AM *knocks on wood*
    I have an iPhone 7 plus and a Samsung tablet s2.
  • MaestroMaestro Posts: 5
    every day multiple times so annoying
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