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Lv 53, 77K Rating - LF Strong, Active Alliance

I'm able to play this game daily and use Discord if needed. Looking for a strong, active alliance with welcoming members.


  • Looks us up on [1 Way], we have one opening. Currently doing Map 3.07 to 3.09. No chat needed, all communication within alliance or battlegroup chat. We have assigned battlegroups.

    Reach out to @BlackRazak @lightningbaron @Hijacker2531 @AAGZ0921 @ScarredArachnid333 :)

    Hope you'll consider us.
  • Hi Ace! I am an officer in [T_A] The Alliance. We are a really good group of players that like to run three AMs every weekend. We have some players that are newer so we run two AMs on Map 2 level 25 and one on Map 3 Level 1 or 2 for the more seasoned folks. You would be in the top half of the group given your level and rating. We would love to have you if you are still looking. Send me a friend request @John_Hopkins
  • My game name uses just “John Hopkins” without the underscore :)
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