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Why the heck did I get banned what did I do

I was doing everything everyone else was doing y did u just choose me


  • AmanoAmano Posts: 318
    If you were cheating you totally deserve it
  • I didn't cheat how do u even do that
  • I tried to type a couple celebrities names and it censored them all and I got banned
  • ManthroManthro Posts: 2,752
    In my opinion, naming yourself BatimusPrime is grounds for the banhammer
  • U really can't talk with a name like manthro
  • Gunz0Gunz0 Posts: 2,896
    Can you be more specific?Or maybe you did something that broke the ToS
  • All I said was that katt Williams was my favorite comedian
  • VindictiveVindictive Posts: 24
    So you got banned from chatting in global? Or from the game completely? I am thinking it's just from global chat from how you explain it. To be honest if that's all it is stop crying about it and go play the game. I don't think you young kids realize that chat isn't meant to be used as a social tool or even worse yet, a dating app. That is so annoying you kids "say no if you're a gjrl" Ugh! Get up, go outside & try meeting people in real life. Kids today are so sad! Go do something for yourselves. Get off the web.
  • lol it's not a dating app anymore it's a role play escape
  • No no no you don't understand 1 I already got girls so that's out the way 2 global is my only way of recruiting
  • And I'd wish they'd ban those role players
  • CandKaneCandKane Posts: 718
    Batimus there's a recruiting thread on this forum that will work far better than posting in global. Honestly sawing off your fingers with a rusty spork is better than global.
  • Ok thanks cand
  • Hi there!

    Sorry to hear you’re having an issue with the in game chat. We do have moderators reviewing in game chat as well as reports made by other players.

    Chat bans can be temporary (lasting from 1 to 3 days) or possibly permanent. Chat bans occur when a user is violating the Terms of Service, which includes the general guidelines similar to those in the Forum Rules (such as: profanity, flooding, spamming, insults, excessive non-game related conversation as a few examples). An in game chat ban will affect every area of chat including private, global, alliance, etc…

    The moderation team does not have access to in game accounts, therefore we are unable to verify if this was in fact a chat ban or not. For account specific issues, please contact the support team as they will be better equipped to advise in this situation.

    You can contact support from the game by tapping on the Gear shaped icon in the top left corner of your base screen, and then on the support button.
  • Gunz0Gunz0 Posts: 2,896
    And I'd wish they'd ban those role players

    Nah, they're stopping lol...or you can just block them... plain and simple
    Also roleplaying doesn't break the game rules but it's annoying to you then just block them. Soon, they'll be replaced by recruiters and thirsty kids looking for boys or girls...LOL
  • Ok well today is the third day kabam
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