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Shark Week is Back Starting July 25th!


Created by The Quintessons and evolved to new levels of power by The Scientist and S-1000, the Sharkticon leader, an army of the menacing minion Sharkticons have gone rogue. They've grown in strength and numbers and have decided that's it's time to become hired guns. Build your Sharkticon army now and collect the one and only, S-1000!

What Sharkticons are available?
For this event, a 4-Star and 5-Star S-1000 will be available! The 5-Star S-1000 can be purchased directly for 5-Star Sharkticon Crystal Shards or found in 5-Star Sharkticon Crystals. The 4-Star S-1000 can be found in a Special purchasable Calendar available for Energon.

6x Class Sharkticons will be available in 2-Star, 3-Star, 4-Star, and 5-Star rarities. This includes: Brawler, Demolitions, Scout, Tactician, Tech, and Warrior Sharkticons.

How long is this Event?
Sharkticon Week will be active from July 25 at 10AM PST until August 1 at 10AM PST.

Where can I collect these Sharkticons?
Every day, there will be a new Dangerous Waters Arena, where you can collect 2-Star Sharkticons from milestones, and compete for the top prize of 4-Star Sharkticons Crystal Shards! Alternatively, you can collect 2-Star Sharkticon Crystal Shards anytime you Raid another player's base during this week.

There will also be a special 7-Day Arena Frenzy Alliance Event where you can earn bonus points by defeating Sharkticons in Arenas, while competing for the top prize; 500x 5-Star Sharkticon Crystal Shards!

Sharkticons for Days!

A Special Calendar will also be live for the week of the event, granting 6x 3-Star Sharkticons and 1x 4-Star Sharkticon, just from logging in every day!

There will also be an offer available to upgrade this calendar for 1200 Energon! Get a 4-Star S-1000 immediately, as well as add upgrade materials to each day of the calendar on top of the regular daily Sharkticon Crystals. The additional rewards include:

• Day 1 - 22,500x Gold
• Day 2 - 31,765x Ore-13
• Day 3 - 4x T2 Basic Sparks
• Day 4 - 2x T1 Alpha Sparks
• Day 5 - 3x T2 Scout Sparks
• Day 6 - 1x 4-Star Awakening Program
• Day 7 - 4x T2 Scout Sparks

Take note Commander, the Calendar will not update until the day after purchase. Rewards will not update retroactively, so if you want your rewards as soon as possible, you’ll want to purchase it when it’s available tomorrow! This offer will be available July 24th at 10am PT.

How do I get 5-Star Sharkticons?
Here is where the fun begins. Forge away your lower rank Sharkticons to get Shards for the next tier of Sharkticons!

• Forge your 2-Star Sharkticons into ANY 3-STAR, 4-STAR, OR 5-STAR BOT to get 3-Star Sharkticon Crystal Shards
• Forge your 3-Star Sharkticons into ANY 4-STAR OR 5-STAR BOT to get 4-Star Sharkticon Crystal Shards
• Forge your 4-Star Sharkticons into ANY 5-STAR BOT to get 5-Star Sharkticon Crystal Shards

What if I don't Forge until after the event ends?
No worries! You will still receive Sharkticon Crystal Shards when Forging Sharkticons after the event, but keep in mind these Sharkticons may no longer be available to obtain!


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