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Recent changes to away missions and also gold

The new away missions were great until they said they made a mistake, I disagree with the comment that it throws the balance of the game off, the mistake which should be put back finally made the game more even, only the top 3 alliances get the rewards needed to advance in the game, the rest of us are then at a disadvantage, they have a stacked alliance and each member has a stacked team, rank 5 five star bots maxed, a couple players already have nemesis prime in a 5 star, ranked 5, maxed forged, totally ridiculous !!

Gold crystals that also give you a chance for energon needs to raise the minimum of gold you get, I saved 1132 spins and only got 2,771,267 gold and only 1232 energon, I also had the gold relics on base but that didn’t get me more than what I actually spun, so they no longer work, it should show you what gold you spun and then show the percentage extra you are getting by having the gold relics in play, this way you know for sure you are actually getting the extra the relic is supposed to give you, I recorded part of the spins that shows I didn’t get any extra using the relics.

The minimum of gold needs to be raised, everything in the game takes way too much gold to rank up and etc. minimum should be at least 5000, but really should be around 10,000 to 20,000 for the minimum and the top should be a million or more, not everyone may agree with me but a lot of players do agree and are just to afraid to say anything for some reason. I wait for the rank up event to rank my bots, but even if I didn’t wait, I wouldn’t get far ranking up because the lack of gold, I’m glad it seems in away missions there will be more gold available but the other areas still need to raise the minimum on gold. It should have changed when the 5 star bots came out, but it didn’t.

One more thing, please let us add all the same relic percentages into 1 relic so we don’t have to change them so often and we can have 4 different kinds of relics on our base with the total percentage of what we have as separate ones.

Thank you for this opportunity to express my opinion.


  • I forgot to add also that awhile ago I had less spins and got way more gold and energon, that is how I know something was wrong with my spins.
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