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Crystal rng weird?

I've played this game for months and I love it but today I have gotten a really annoying thing that has happened. All 4 of the premium crystals that I have opened up today have all been a 2 star motormaster. I'm very upset about this because it means I can really only use the ore it gives me to a bot I own that is already too powerful. I just think that maybe this is a bug and it'll get fixed? I kinda just want a refund for all of them


  • Do you think it only happens to you? That happens to all of us too
  • Joker69Joker69 Posts: 345
    The last few 3* star bots I've gotten have been motormaster
  • Hi there! This Support page contains additional information regarding Premium Crystals.

    And this one provides more information regarding drop rates.

    I'm sorry to hear you didn't have luck with your spins this time! A few crystals landing the same result isn't cause for alarm, although it can be frustrating when you don't receive what you're hoping for!
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