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Android compensation

Hijacker2531Hijacker2531 Posts: 535
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Hey guys! I wanted to see what the community thought about compensation for the blockout in the 8.1.3 update for android. Many players are unable to play, and you can’t forget the the the month long lock out for Android on 8.0.1 in April if I’m not mistaken. So comment below what y’all think would be FAIR compensation.


  • BlackRazakBlackRazak Posts: 2,691
    Would like to know what the community thinks is fair compensation for the Android apk v8.1.3 release.

    Bear in mind Droid users also had a month long disruption with version 8.0.1 back in April.
  • I won't comment on what I think it's going to be. It seems Android users have been the stepchild here.

    This is more of Help, I've updated and I can't login. Going to get one of those Life Alert pendants that pings Kabam. 🤣
  • We will not look into Compensation until we have determined the breadth of the issue. Once the issue is resolved, we can start looking at it.
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