Best and worst bots of each class

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I want to know who best and worst bots of each class are(in YOUR OPINION) in the game?Let me know your thoughts


  • Here are my opinions:

    TACTICIAN CLASS: Best = Optimus Prime (Combiner Wars);
    *There aren't any bad Bots for this class, in my opinion.

    WARRIOR CLASS: Best = Hot Rod (The Last Knight), Worst = Arcee (Combiner Wars);
    SCOUT CLASS: Best = Prowl (Combiner Wars), Worst = Windblade (Combiner Wars);
    TECH CLASS: Best = Soundwave (Combiner Wars), Worst = Mirage (Combiner Wars);
    DEMOLOTIONS CLASS: Best = Megatron (ROTF), Worst = Waspinator (Beast Wars);
    BRAWLER CLASS: Best = Grimlock (G1), Worst = Grindor (ROTF).

    I hope i have helped. Here are all results together, in my opinion:

    MY PREFERED BOT(s): Hot Rod (The Last Knight) & Prowl (Combiner Wars);
    THE BOT(s) I HATE: Grindor (ROTF) & Mirage (Combiner Wars).
  • Tactician: G1 Prime - Special Attacks
    Brawler: MV1 Prime - Raw Stats
    Warrior: Bonecrusher - Opponent bleed on crits
    Scout: Windblade - Stuns bleeding opponents
    Tech: Soundwave - Reflect Ranged
    Demo: Ironhide - Signature
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    Mirage doesn't get much love, but I would choose him over a any other bot when going against a demo bot. His shield and sig ability are pretty beast.

    The only other bot I like that hasn't been mentioned much is Barricade. If you play his power steal and backfire right u can be as aggressive as u want and never have to worry about the opponents special attacks. The dumbest part of this game is when you have to dance around for ever trying to bait a sp2....

    I also have a hard time saying which bot is best because I like different bots for different parts of the game. In the arena I don't really care how much health I have left, I just need to win the fight. Other areas of the game are different because you need your bot to last.

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    Tech: Sound and Mirage, shock, reflect, and shield
    Demo: Iron and Mix, IH sig boost and MMs' S3
    Scout: Prowl, melee charge, power drain and lock, and killer shoty shot shot.
    Warrior: Bludgeon, stun and bleed.
    Brawler: geez all of them have good attributes but I'd go for MV1, and grim for bleed and fire attacks, if they would fix grindors missiles then he would be there instead of mv1, in my opinion.
    Tacticians: yes CW prime for his breech and armor break, and I gotta defend Ultra Magnus here, his hammer armor break is great against grind or and MV1, plus the melee boost erase from shots to motor and grim make them too easy, plus his damages reduction from energy or hits make him a more than just base food, oh his sig makes him hit harder or take more damage. But we all play how we like.
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    Just gonna rank them straight up L to R = best to worst (usable bots only)
    T: OGP, Bee, UM
    B: MV1, GL, MM, Grindor
    W: Drift, BC, Arcee, Blud, HR* (I only played HR as a 2* and don't really get him yet)
    S: WB, Prowl, Barricade, SS
    T: Mirage, Rhinox, SW, Ratchet
    D: IH, Mega, Mix, Wasp

    But it's a pretty close call within each group, especially scout and tech. And some bots are clearly more suited to certain uses than others
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    Each are from best to worst IMO:

    BRAWLER: Motormaster, OP MV1, Grindor (havnt played Grimlock much) - Best Class ATM
    DEMOLITION : Megatron, Ironhide, Mixmaster, Waspintator.
    SCOUT: Prowl, Barricade, Windblade, Sideswipe.
    TACTICIAN : CW Optimus Prime, Bumblebee,
    Ultra Magnus.
    TECH: Mirage, Soundwave, Rhinox, Ratchet.
    WARRIOR : Bonecrusher, Hot Rod, Drift, Blungeon, Arcee.
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    Thanks for the opinions guys
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    Gunz0 wrote: »
    Thanks for the opinions guys

    Hey bro you also play mcoc?username gunz27?
  • Gunz0Gunz0 Posts: 444
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    Spidey076 wrote: »
    Gunz0 wrote: »
    Thanks for the opinions guys

    Hey bro you also play mcoc?username gunz27?
    Yeah, I play Mcoc, but that's not my username lol

  • Gunz0, wich is your username in Forged to Fight? (I'd like to add you to my private chat)
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    My rankings, best to worst:
    BRAWLER: Grindor, Motormaster, Grimlock, MV1 Prime
    WARRIOR: Bonecrusher, Bludgeon, Hot Rod, Drift, Arcee
    SCOUT: Windblade, Barricade, Sideswipe (Don't have Prowl yet)
    TECH: Soundwave, Mirage, Rhinox, Ratchet
    DEMO: Mixmaster, Ironhide, Waspinator (0/11 on trying for Megatron, totally got KABAM'd out of $30)
    TACTICIAN: G1 Prime, Ultra Magnus, Bumblebee
    I think that's everyone
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