[NwGen] New Genesis is Recruiting

236K+ Alliance

Active group in need of more active individuals willing to participate in Alliance Missions for all the rewards.

Need at least lvl 25 + with 10k+ Rating.
5K donations to the Treasury monthly.


  • Up to 297K+ now,

    But still need more active AM players.
    lvl 30+

    Need to donate 20K Gold to Treasury monthly
  • hjb3deoaqf9j.jpeg
    Need Active AM players
    lvl 30+

    Active and helpful group
  • Yup! Great group of guys that team up a lot to fight together and win prizes!

  • Alph4TrionAlph4Trion Posts: 8
    edited November 2017

    Still Need to fill the Alliance with Active Alliance Mission players.
    Looking to get all 3 Battle Groups going strong!
    Lvl 30+ preferred, but lower lvls willing to grind rank in order to join the AMs are welcome.
    Join up and we can all enjoy the rewards together!
  • CandKaneCandKane Posts: 529
    edited December 2017
    We're recruiting again!
    Active and friendly alliance with a focus on AM, looking for players willing to work hard and work smart. Maxed 3* bots helpful, but we can work with you if you're willing to put in the effort. Come join up and reap the rewards!
  • vm21u981nmqj.png
    New Recruitment for the New Year! Just let go a few less active individuals not participating in our AMs.
    Same as always, active players willing to work together and play maps smartly to finish for the rewards as a group. Join up!
  • Have 2 spots open, need active players to join AMs.
    Join up!
  • 1v2syzo3t6pz.jpeg
    2 more spots just opened up, only active players who bring their best bots for Alliance Missions.
    No 2* bots in AMs allowed.
  • 3 spots to fill, in AMs. Active players only.
    No 2* bots in AMs allowed.
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