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  • Re: Megatron chips question.

    Okay so you've got 1000 chips, that's good! Simply by logging in every day you'll receive 3750 more chips, bringing you to 4750.
    Finishing in the 50-100% bracket in arena gets you 50 chips I think? I tried to find the info, wasn't able to. Anyways, to even hit ranked rewards you'll have made it to the 25 chip milestone, so 25+50=75, 75×14 (The number of arena days)=1050, so that's 5800 chips bare minimum.
    How high is your raid medal count? To make the math easier, we'll say you earn 100 chips per raid (That number is probably too low, but that's okay for now) you get 1250 raid chips per raid, and 6000 per day, so you're raiding 5 times a day. 5 raids × 100 chips × 7 days of raids = 3500 featured chips. Add that to the 5800 we already have/will have/whatever and we get 9300.
    TL:DR Play a bit every day, and only 700 chips separate you from 3* Megatron! These last few chips can be found by duplicating 7 2* bots or 1 3* bot, or in fact by using the bonus chips Kabam gave out as a mea culpa for the snafu rollout of map 3.
    You've got this, don't worry and have fun!
  • Re: "I Still Function" - Losing Connection & Energy

    I still function...wanna bet?
    Sorry, couldn't resist
    It crashed on me once (map 1 of hard mode, left path) but then let me back on at a cost of 3 energy. Not horrible, but hoping it gets fixed.
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  • Re: What's better airhead crystal or pbc

    For Starscream, definitely Airhead as he hasn't been released to the PBC yet. Optimus and Ironhide can be found easier in the PBC, although if you're gunning for a 3* or higher I've noticed feature crystals tend to have slightly better odds. Soundwave was only released as a 3* or 4*, so I would say Airhead has slightly better odds on him, but your best bet for all but Starscream is grabbing some 3* crystal shards in the Last Knight challenge
  • Re: Just Come And Chat

    Sorry, couldn't resist. Still very excited to hear the news though!
  • Re: Just Come And Chat

    nomisu wrote: »
    bonecrusher. because pure hate wins lol
    that said , just go with your fav. i do not have have ultra moustac.. i mean magnus but i heard he is kinda meh

    edit: i have prowl but almost never use him since i use windblade ( aka queen of bleed ) , and recently barricade (due to synergy with Megs)

    Yeah Windblade is pretty amazing, but Prowl is my only 4* scout, plus I'm a sucker for that boomstick S2. Ultra Magnus isn't very flashy gameplay-wise, but his synergies turn my whole team into Terminators and he tears Motormaster to itty-bitty pieces. You're right though, Pure Hate plus a heavy/special make Bonecrusher a very scary individual.