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  • Re: Dinobot Confirmed

    Steelbane wrote: »
    Also for some reason there might be new bots. In the new loading screen with the hexigon and all the bots on it, in the scout section, there is a new face, right beneath baricade's image 5w1ouarv8dqy.png
    I actually dunno if its a new bot but i just cant recognize that face.

    Sorry to disappoint... That's just Barricade's chest.
  • Re: Version 4.0 Discussion Thread

    Dircules wrote: »
    Hey Everybody,

    Just wanted to give you all a heads up that this Patch may come out a little later than usual tomorrow. We're trying to make sure we have it out to all of your in the morning as usual, but we'll keep you updated!

    Putting this kind of pressure on your teams is what makes for giant bugs being missed or accepted. If it's not done it's not done. Don't rush and break everything. Again. Please.

    The release was already ready, but there are some things outside our control around the exact time of release for a new version. It's not like we just made v4.0 last night :tongue:
  • Alliance Treasury Donation List Reset Time: Discussion

    Hey Commanders,

    Now that we are on a set weekly schedule of Alliance Missions, we know that many of you have asked if we can change the Alliance Treasury Donation list to coincide with the reset of Alliance Missions.

    We think this is absolutely a great idea, but we want to know when you guys would like it to reset? When the new series starts (Thursday at 5:00 am PT) or when it ends (Monday at 5:00 am PT)?

    I didn't want to make this a poll, because I would like for you guys to actually be able to discuss it. We'll take a look at your Feedback, and can make a decision based on that.
  • Re: Dinobot Confirmed

    redshift9 wrote: »
    Okay... who wants to work from the hints “tyranical” (sic) and “viscous”?

    Or maybe I'm just trying to throw you all off! Also, I hate myself for that spelling error, and now it's been immortalized.
  • Re: Dinobot Confirmed

    iuJacob wrote: »
    Wait until you guys get a peak at his Special 3.... It's vicious!

    I'm assuming you're talking about Dinobot here.
    Can't wait! My favourite TF character.

    Ps. Any hints on the silhouette?
    Or will we get confirmation tomorrow?

    I have no comment on who that tyranical looking figure in the back might be :tongue: