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Kabam Miike
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  • Restarting Bot Battle

    Hey everybody,

    As many of you noticed, Ancient Sanctum maps are not included in the Bot Battle event. This was not intentional.

    We're ready to roll out a fix for this. Unfortunately, what this does mean is that any points that have been earned thus far for this event will be void. Luckily, no Alliances have gotten very far, but there are some that have reached the first milestone already.

    It's not possible for us to manually move over those points when we respawn this event. We're very sorry for this inconvenience, but because the points earned from the Alliance Missions far outweigh those that have been earned so far from Arena fights, we do not have any other choice in the matter.
  • Re: New Spotlight Mission: I Still Function

    Bigbowlr wrote: »
    Until Kabam nerfs Randomizer, everyone should use Rhinox. His sp1 removes the Randomizer buffs and prevents the garbage of that node

    Not a nerf, but a fix! It was definitely bugged, and the good news is I came here to let you all know that it has been fixed now!
  • Re: Known Issue: New Mods Acting Strangely [UPDATE: RESOLVED]

    Hey All, we're happy to say that this has now been resolved. Give it a few minutes, but there should no longer be Sharkticons/other Bots with the Randomizer buff doing a billion damage with one hit.
  • Known Issue: New Mods Acting Strangely [UPDATE: RESOLVED]

    Hey Everybody,

    We are currently working on a fix for an issue where the new Mods that were introduced in the latest Spotlight and Alliance Mission are not working correctly. They may be giving the wrong effect, or doing too much damage.

    These Mods include the Randomizer, Electrophobia, etc.

    We are currently working on this, and will have a fix together as soon as possible. Please hold tight, and we'll let you know when these problems are resolved.
  • Re: Regarding Today's Issues [UPDATED: Nov 30 14:42 PST]

    UPDATE: Hey Commanders,

    In order to ensure that we can effectively test and ensure that our solution to the issues with Alliance Missions are effectively dealing with the issues that arose today, we will be delaying the start of Alliance Missions until tomorrow (December 1st), at some point in the afternoon.

    Our goal was first to enable them today, and then to delay them until 5am PST tomorrow, but this does not afford us the time necessary to test these solutions.

    We are very sorry for the inconvenience.