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  • Re: Super slow motion & AI takeover?

    Nexus 6 Android 7.1.1. Just found out my device is EOL for Google which sucks and might have something to do with my problems. If that's the case, it'd be nice to know. But, several people in my alliance and obviously on the forums seem to agree that lag and crashing issues are worse than ever post 4.0. Me and a member in my BG are crashing at the loading screen in AM and receiving the health penalty on the very very best of days, 50% of the time, and receiving the hp penalty 95% of the time. He's running a fully updated S8+.

    It was that way for me in am in the beginning days of the game, then it was fixed, now it's returned worse than ever with 4.0.

    Sorry to hijack the lag thread with crashing stuff. I just hope it's being addressed and I hope we hear something about it. I'd rather be told that certain devices/operating systems will be incompatible going forward than having to wait around not knowing.
  • Re: Still not addressed the c9nstant Crashing?

    I'm still crashing and receiving the hp penalty in alliance missions. It's ruining the game for me. When the game first launched I had the problem, then there was a patch that fixed it. For post 4.0, it's returned. Nexus 6 Android 7.1.1. I should have a new security patch coming soon. Hopefully that helps. It did once before in the latest version of patch 3.
  • Re: Health taken away after crashing

    I'm receiving it in the spotlight mission while crashing at the loading screen. Sometimes the sound of the fight continues while I'm stuck at the screen but usually the app just closes out...before the fight begins.
  • Re: Still not addressed the c9nstant Crashing?

    I've crashed eight times this round of am, six of them in a row now so I literally can not even fight. Penalty every time.