Future character requests

I'm a big fan of Transformers and over the year a few have stood out to me as all time favs, and since this game borrows from various aspects of the franchise (great idea btw ^^) i'd love to see them in the game one day ^^ so here are a few of my favs and fingers crossed one day they'll be added to the game!

[1] G1 - Hot Rod - He looks awesome and he's got the touch!
[2] G1 - Six Shot - He has 6 alt modes!
[3] Beast Wars - Dinobot - An hounorable warrior who goes down fighting till the bitter end
[4] Beast Wars - Megatron - he's a T-rex with skates, Yes....
[5] Last Knight - Megatron - Best movie design of Megs yet, and he looks badass!
[6] Last Knight - Hound - He has all the guns!
[7] Revenge of the Fallen - Sideswipe - He slices, dices and has rollerblades!
[8] Transformers Prime - Bulkhead - Always nice to have a wrecker on the team ;)
[9] Transformers Prime - Ratchet - I loved this version of the character, just a shame he wouldnt be able to talk in the game :p
[10] Transformers Animated - Prowl - This was one of the biggest deprartures from the norm for the character, and it was awesome, plus he's a bike that turns into a samurai / ninja!

And thats my top 10 requests, I know it takes a while to make a character in a fighting game and the devs are probably too busy to listen, but I can dream :p

Do you have any favorite characters that you'd like to see in the game one day? post them bellow!


  • OtriumOtrium Posts: 91
    Hound(bayformers) is in the game files so you got your wish their:)
  • M_manM_man Posts: 14
    1 down 9 more to go :p
  • Hey there M_man! We currently have a thread up that addresses your concern here. Since we already have a thread open on this topic, I'll close this one down. If you have additional questions, you're welcome to ask over on the thread linked above! Thanks!
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