Please Visit and Help the Transformers: Forged to Fight Wikia

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I have worked on to include general info of the game, but I've been working on Transformers: Forged to Fight Wikia and adding information and images from the game.

But I am the only active user there, and I would like for other users to contribute to this database. I plan fot this wikia to be an archive of the images are changed throughout the game, a record of undocumented changes to the game, and game strategies.

Here is a list of the most wanted information on the wikia that I cannot retrieve:
  • Specifics and Stats for 3-Star and 4-Star Bots and Mods
  • Old Relics like the Immobilizer (plus Beta relics)
  • Beta images from the game's assets_cache
  • v1.0 images of Superconductor Mod and Relics from the game's assets_cache

I'm bringing this up again because I feel I am literally the only one person to edit this wikia and the only one person to even visit this wikia. I feel like I'm writing a private database all for myself and not for others. I would greatly appreciate if anyone acknowledged my work by visitng the vastly improved wikia, take the poll there, and make a few helpful edits. Especially rare game images.


  • When I clicked your link I got an error and ended up having to Google it. Nice job though seems to be a decent amount of info and a lot of time put into it.
  • The 411 bot on line should include this link as a helpful guide. Hopefully someone on there can add it
  • I can go in the games files and extract some asset cache for you:)
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    I've been archiving my no-extraction-required asset cache files since the game launched; what I'm missing are some images of unlocked high-end prizes: v1.0 and v2.0 large images of the Superconductor, v1.0 large image the Covenant of Primus and other Relics, and a large image of v2.0 and v3.1 Ultra Magnus.

    If you own any of these, I would appreciate if you provide images via here or private message.
  • PS. I updated the original post with a working link for y'all
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    awesome much appreciated :)
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