Announcing: Changes to Arena and Arena Chips [Updated October 6]


With all of the changes that are entering the game tomorrow, we have one more thing to fill you all in on!

Starting with the Arenas tomorrow, we will be removing the Arena Chips that are earned from completing series of Arena Battles, Milestones, and Series Rewards. But before you get concerned, there is no need to worry! We've been hard at work comparing the amount of time that Commanders spend in Arenas, and the amount of battles they complete to get Arena Crystals, and have translated that into full crystals that are being added to the Rank Rewards.

If you remember, in our October Changes Announcement, we told you all that we've lowered the barrier to entry for Ranked Rewards (basically, you'll have to complete 1 or 2 series to be eligible for Ranked Rewards, and Ranked Rewards now include rewards all the way down to 100% of Players. Only Featured Bot Chip Arenas will still feature Milestones. The rest have had their rewards focussed on the Ranked Rewards.

Additionally, remember that all Arenas are now 24 Hours each. This means that you can get Rank Rewards every day!

There's still more though. In the past, the cost of starting a new series in Arenas would cost you more than the amount you won from completing that series of fights. This is no longer the case. We've reduced the Series Gold cost to 350 Gold to search for an opponent and increased the Fight and Series Gold rewards. This means that you'll never lose gold as long as you win the series.

Wanna talk about it? Let's discuss this in our October Change Thread here:


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