Items dissapearing

Soo.. ever sine the new 4.0 update i noticed something. Either i have horibble memory or its a glitch. So i bought 20 energon with 3000 raid chips and then when ut said i bought it i didnt see the 20 energon. I had 469 energon when i bought it and i still had 469 energon after. I also formed a spark but it didnt appear in my inventory it said i still had one. Again either i have bad memory or its a glitch.


  • Drake6401Drake6401 Posts: 321
    Possibly server delay for failed transaction. Was this recent or a while ago? If recent, you may see them back soon.
  • SteelbaneSteelbane Posts: 320
    Its pretty recent. And i just noticed my energon went from 169 to 179 :\ I bought 20 not 10 energon
  • SteelbaneSteelbane Posts: 320
    Anyhow yeah it sort of fixed itself
  • Its getting even more annoying because i just bought a bunch of 4 star crystal shards but it didnt update :/ how long does it take?
  • SteelbaneSteelbane Posts: 320
    edited November 2017
    Theres also another glitch 8nf0oclkz2j0.png As you can see i have 3,000 chips left (i spent most of them already). 57b6v7arj8ew.png I select 3,000 galv chips to spend, and... h0945e0dpzfc.png this happens :\
    is this just me being unsmart or is this a glitch

  • MustangjonMustangjon Posts: 1,146
    You have 6 buys selected and have only 3k chips am I missing something here?
  • it said it costs 3000 chips though
  • I still havent recieved my purchases and its been an hour please help
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