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    i just logged in after ~2mths... wheres my welcome back calendar?
  • so one that doesnt play is more worth than someone that play constantly
  • Why are we bringing up pics and a thread that is months old?
  • and that guy

    total jerkface

    has not login for 117 days
    his 2nd best champ is 2* rank 2/3 lv 10/20 grindor

    WHY ARE U GIVING AWAY 4* to non dedicated and non paying customer
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    Just makes me wish I had been right and it had been a joke. But no, Kabam had to come in and say it was indeed real.

    As for the 117 days, that essentially means he got his reward, logged in 2 days later and hasn't logged in since.

    Fortunately Miike did say he would be taking it to the team and that they would specifically not be running that promotion again.

    So, again, dead and closed post means this post also needs to go the way of the dodo. The promotion happened, people cried foul for good reason and Kabam said it won't happen again. Done deal. Zero reason to bring it up again.
  • Thanks, @Hired_Goon - for anyone else interested in the original thread on the topic and our reply, please see the thread here. Closing this down now.
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