Texture issue between ios and android

Ive notice a texture issue in the 2 versions. The ios one looks right but the android looks wrong. Looking at grimlock you can really notice it.
This is iOS
This is android

As you can see there is a difference. My android device is the nivida shield tablet and should be better looking than any device. So miike can you tell me why this is and if this will be fixed in the future?


  • Alkaiser_93Alkaiser_93 Posts: 249
    Damn. The iOS one looks far better
  • MootMoot Posts: 52
    ios might be using higher resolutions but eats up so much battery + heat issues.
  • SteelSHSteelSH Posts: 80
    @Kabam Miike why no love buddy
  • JitJit Posts: 32
    I would actually like an option for lower resolution.
  • Hey there SteelSH! We currently have a thread up that addresses your concern here. Since we already have a thread open on this topic, I'll close this one down. If you have additional questions, you're welcome to ask over on the thread linked above! Thanks!
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