Now it's time to guess the new bot of Feb :)

I think the new bot of Feb must be a trasformers from movie because new bots from movie have not been came out for a long time.I think it maybe Sentinel Prime,Crosshairs,or Hound.They have lots of fans in China:)


  • I want log down on the game please add it
  • Jazz or hotrod g1 please! Haha
  • movie Lockdown Starscream Jazz Sidewipe theFallen Gavatron
  • kranderskranders Posts: 348
    no movie to promote and people generally favor g1 or beast wars so I doubt there will be movie bots for a while. my guess is a beast wars predacon.
  • CandKaneCandKane Posts: 676
    I would love to see Blitzwing, his triple changer modes would give him some unique options. I'm thinking a calibration mode like Mirage, tied to specials, that radically changes him from major offense to massive defense or something.
  • Cyclonus
  • KittenPrimeKittenPrime Posts: 1,139
    Beast Wars Megatron
  • its cheetor
  • RemmieRemmie Posts: 187
    I'd rather see a predecon as well.. scorponok , or tarantulas
  • Raptor22Raptor22 Posts: 64
    Hope to see triple changers... fight in bot mode... hard hit in vehicle 1 mode... special in vehicle 2 mode.
  • camaro57camaro57 Posts: 212
    Leo convoy
  • I want FOC Grimlock, Movie Lockdown, G1 Jazz, or Cyclonus
  • camaro57camaro57 Posts: 212
    In my 3 star team of 5) I have g1 megatron( horse), primal will be my brawler. If I ever get bumblebee( scout), he will my scout.
    Hope February bot is different class then these 3.
    Blaster would be nice.
  • Booster_BlueBooster_Blue Posts: 522
    I want an original bot not a variant of one.
  • SynthwaveSynthwave Posts: 719
    Wheeljack (Tech) - inventing and using destructive weapons/devices could be his specials

    Jazz (Scout) - sonic damage would be awesome

    MV Hound (Demo) - eh, OK why not

    Cyclonus (Tactician) - so he can help poor Galvatron out with something good

    Skywarp (Warrior) - he could be fun with a decelerate-like component similar to Hot Rod's that allows him to teleport and deal similar non-bleed damage.

    Onslaught (Brawler) - Because one more combiner leader can't be a bad thing

    Any G1 Constructicon

    Elita One or Chromia - We need more femme bots!

    Rumble/Frenzy - A new idea! They share one health bar, have no alt modes (like Soundwave) and when the health bar drops to 50%, Soundwave ejects another cassette out and that one takes over with a whole new set of abilities. Not sure how the programming would work on that, but it would be awesome.

  • ElitehunterElitehunter Posts: 265
    Im betting g1 wheelie
  • Gunz0Gunz0 Posts: 1,628
    BW Megs: After Optimus Primal's release
    Tantrum: A G1 Predacon, he's in the game files
    Hound: Because many players think he'll be an awesome character
    Jet fire/Jazz/Wheeljack: SOO MANY PLAYERS ASKED FOR HIM
  • MaxBebopMaxBebop Posts: 473
    Now I’m just guessing here and it’s just a prediction, but if we’re gonna get new bots, and with the new PoP toy line out in stores now, (FYI PoP is Power of the Primes)

    We might see Jazz
    Or Dreadwing
  • KillMasterCKillMasterC Posts: 1,392
    An game model of Tantrum (the G1 Predacon) has long been leaked but we didn't see him coming.
  • KillMasterCKillMasterC Posts: 1,392
    Scorponok mentioned in Spotlight dialog.
  • Gunz0Gunz0 Posts: 1,628
    Scorponok mentioned in Spotlight dialog.

    Otrium has already leaked some of his abilities in one of his videos lol
  • DirculesDircules Posts: 467
    Scorponok mentioned in Spotlight dialog.

    So is Cheetor. Far more usable bot in this game.
  • KittenPrimeKittenPrime Posts: 1,139

    Could be scorponok or Cheetor but I really want...

    Sam witwicky
  • Darm0kDarm0k Posts: 841
    Going with Cheetor based on the special missions dialog. Optimus Primal complaining about bots leaving and Cheetor was one of them. I assume it’s because he’s in New Quintessa or whatever this universe is called.
  • MallowmanMallowman Posts: 119
    It’s odd they haven’t used thundercracker, tantrum, bw skorp and movie hound with the found in game files as mentioned above
  • MallowmanMallowman Posts: 119
    I think cheetor is a likely candidate though
  • its cheetor

    cheetor in asset file names ?
  • camaro57camaro57 Posts: 212
    What class would cheetor or scorponok be?

    I have g1 Megatron and soon optimus primal, hopefully g1 bumblebee soon.
    So if it is cheetor or scorponok then I hope they not same class as those I named above.
  • camaro57 wrote: »
    What class would cheetor or scorponok be?

    I have g1 Megatron and soon optimus primal, hopefully g1 bumblebee soon.
    So if it is cheetor or scorponok then I hope they not same class as those I named above.

    My guess is that Cheetor would be Scout and Scorponok would be Warrior. Tarantulas would be tech.
  • Swag_JazzSwag_Jazz Posts: 90
    Add Jazz please make it Mk1 from the first movie, or the one from fall of cybertron!
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