It's time for a Rewards mini-update

Was really surprised this wasn't addressed in the latest update.

Away mission rewards for rare and epic are a complete joke for people who have played this game for months. Please add some T2A for rare and random T3C for epic.

Player level rewards are also pretty stale as well. Hitting level 50 in July 2017 is not the same as hitting level 50 in January 2018. Consider revamping the level rewards.

Basic Spark Trials need to have T3B added to them, Alpha Spark Trials need to be brought back for both T1A and T2A (the latter in small amounts), and Class Spark Trials need to have T2C added to Sunday (all classes available) and T3C in small amounts should also be considered, given how long it's going to take to even get one single T3C.

Please consider doing this as a mini-update before the next major one is done.


  • nomisunomisu Posts: 307
    seconded. and bring back the milestones on arena ffs
  • Nick_80Nick_80 Posts: 225
    Can’t keep the player base alive if you keep feeding us bread crumbs kabam...
  • camaro57camaro57 Posts: 212
    No more arena milestone. That sucks. Now hard to get feature chips from arena.
  • willdorfwilldorf Posts: 155
    Yeah, everyone says they liked the arenas the old way better.

    I also agree we need t3c shards in rewards in multiple areas of the game. Completion and exploration for expert spotlight, exploration for hard spotlight, and as a raid special (and 4* sig upgrades as well)

    Many players are hitting a wall, and want to at least be working towards getting an R5, even if it takes a couple months of work. I understand that it's possible to get one from RoK and also to buy one, but those are just impossible for some players. Doing Map 3 at lvl 20ish, you'll get 4 ancient sanctum crystals a week, and therefore about 250 random t3c essence per week. If they drop equally, you'll have a full set in a little over 4 years.
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