Slowness / Low FPS

Game has been running slowly since I started playing a week ago, but I attributed it to game being new and understood it's not going to be as polished as say, Contest of Champions, but I've seen videos on Youtube and realized it's definitely on my end. Fighting is rarely fluid, especially when big bots are fighting like Grindor or Ironhide (or maybe they're not related to the issue at all).

I saw on the forums someone said the best chance to fix it is to post phone specs and OS, so here are mine:
Zenfone 5, 2GB RAM, Intel Atom Z2520 (x86 processor, not ARM, maybe this is the cause?), Lollipop 5.0


  • Hello Marko! Thank you for reporting your device information. Since there's already a few threads open, we're going to close this one down. If you can please post in an already open thread on the topic with your device information, that would be greatly appreciated! One thread that you may find useful is located here!
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