Most recent 4* pull



  • Sycko5Sycko5 Posts: 154
    Pulled a Rhinox but I’m saving for cyclonus
  • Gunz0Gunz0 Posts: 2,240
    2 Soundwave dupes
  • BumblebeeBumblebee Posts: 581
    Celt wrote: »
    Didn't thought i would get it from a single crystal

    I want to say I’m happy for you, I really do.

    ...what the hell. No fair.
  • PhatBoy123PhatBoy123 Posts: 898
    Just got myself a motormaster, I'll take it.
  • Recent non dupe? Shockwave (really happy about that pull) recent one in general? Duped motormaster. But hey thats his 2nd dupe and hes my 2nd highest bot so im really happy about that pull :)
  • Wheeljack thanks to the extra chips from the glitch fix
    Sycko5 wrote: »
    Pulled a Rhinox but I’m saving for cyclonus
    Just got 4-Star Rhinox myself out of a Premium Crystal
  • Joker69Joker69 Posts: 345
    Pulled hound on my second account
  • Gunz0Gunz0 Posts: 2,240
    Blaster. Now I have EVERY Tech bot at 4-5*
  • Finally duped grimlock, so happy. Might take him to r5 now, although still pining for a g1 prime.
  • sv51qalcsoev.png
    Just pulled him
  • Pulled a Mixmaster!!!!

  • nzqgk1609m4b.png
    Not a 4* but this pull was pretty lucky. And my first 5*.
  • I wish these pulls were mine... they were pulled by whales


  • Dinobot out of the free Cyclonus Crystal I got for beating the easy spotlight mission.

    I then duped Galvatron from a 4-Star Crystal.
  • auu1a50vjuyr.jpg

    LOL. Same person, three 4* Crystal in a row. Talk about happiness.
  • Joker69Joker69 Posts: 345
    My latest
  • My newest unduped bot was the 4* Hound!!! Lol! :'( :# :p :s :(
  • I was really hoping for someone better!!
    At least I duped my Wasp, Sideswipe, ROTF Megatron, and Motor Master, bought a dupe Wheeljack from the store, and from opening all my other crystals I was able to buy the 4* Cyclonus!!! I also won a 3* G1 Bee from the hive crystal, so for that matter I’m actually really thrilled!! :) :) :)
  • I hit 777 and pulled this from my Daily Crystal!

  • Gunz0Gunz0 Posts: 2,240
    Drift and Galvatron dupes
  • MazMaz Posts: 2
    I got 2 mixmasters in the last 3 crystals x.x
  • Jazz444Jazz444 Posts: 1,602
    My newest 4stars are G1 Optimus, ROTF Megatron, Cyclonus, and Optimus Primal
  • Jazz444Jazz444 Posts: 1,602
    And I managed to get 2 new 5stars Grindor and Mirage!!!!!
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