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everything gets locked up when doing raid, mission, or alliance mission

I see this as a big issue. Especially now with alliance mission taking days to complete the entire course (talking about the simple path.. likely worse if attempt the difficult path).

All 3 of my strong toons are locked in alliance mission and can't be used elsewhere. The recharge rate for alliance mission energy is 1 per hour and 1 step forward on a node eats up an energy. There's like 30+ nodes to walk so means it would take me 2-3 days to reach the end? During that time all 3 of my strong toons can't be used elsewhere.. why such a bad design?

Same case goes with defending and attacking during raids. Defending raid nodes will lock out a hero from being used in missions... why such a restriction?

Takes away my desire to play the game when so many heroes are locked out. Basically I'm force to wait for my heroes to be back from alliance missions / raids / removing them from defending raid nodes before able to proceed as usual elsewhere. Really annoying. Lots of managing needed to place and removing them also which is unnecessary hassle.


  • FarkasFarkas Posts: 63
    These are simply growing pains when you have more bots the issue is not that big of a deal.

    Are you trying to solo AMs? Cause they only last 24 hours. Each node cost 1 person 1 energy, so if someone has been to that node it cost you 0 energy to move to it.
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