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Deep Wounds Mastery for other DoT types?

Does anyone else think we need masteries for the other damage over time effects besides bleeds? It is a pretty big investment in energon and gold to unlock Deep Wounds far enough to be noticeable, but once you do it is VERY effective. After playing with it active, it kind of pushes you to only use bleeding attackers.

Some of my favorite bots are burn and shock specialists, and it would be great to either get a mastery that they can use, or expand Deep Wounds to include other DoT types. Thoughts?


  • I think the idea behind not doing that is to make other DoTs different. There are also defenses that only affect specifically bleeding, thereby making shock and burn more effective. While I think expanding on all DoTs is great, I don't think that making everything basically just "universal DoT with a different splash" is the best way to do it. This would mean either adding unique bonuses for other DoTs or their own unique masteries. There aren't really enough mastery points left to bother though, until level cap is lifted a few times. Although... the game DOES have a huge amount of completely underwhelming masteries they may as well overwrite with more DoT masteries :P
  • It does make other DoT's different - it makes them comparatively significantly weaker, which kind of pushes players to invest in more bleed bots for limited team slots, which i feel homogenizes the game a bit for the player who puts thought into min/maxing.

    For example, with the current advantage bleeders have on top of the OP nature of Harm Accel (even after the nerf) if you are doing high-rank raids, you pretty much are required to have a Grimlock or MV1 Prime in your crew.
  • Actually that makes them different and stronger in that you can use them against prime with no worries... because there are no shock/burn defensive abilities, so it always works other than against purification.

    Further if you DID add them to deep wounds, it shouldn't be for the exact same bonuses... that would make all DoTs the same except for different splash lettering. It should either be like shock gives a small chance to power leak or stun per rank of deep wounds or something like that... additional lettering on the deep wounds description. Either that or a completely new mastery.
  • There are defensive masteries for burn and shock that would be used if one of those became dominant
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