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Gold Raid Relic Not Working

It doesn’t appear the gold raid relic is giving my base defenders a 4% boost. Posted below is with and without the relic. The bot’s PI remains the same. Is it a display issue or actually not working? I also restarted the app and it was still the same.



  • XhibitAXhibitA Posts: 201
    edited May 3
    The relic does say +4% Attack and Health in raids. So it likely only has an effect while you are raiding other bases. Have you tried raiding with and without it?

    Edit: Kudos on grinding that one out too!
  • JKLJKL Posts: 329

    It was mentioned before it would be for defending too.

    @XhibitA It wasn’t too hard to get it but I started saving a few days before the raid store update. That was when bases would pay like 30k during raid week.
  • Jay32Jay32 Posts: 95
    It's suppose to work with bots on your base also. Congrats on getting it but thats a shame it's broken. Hopefully they fix it for you.
  • Jay32Jay32 Posts: 95
    Any update if this relic is working? I would like to attempt to get it.
  • SynthwaveSynthwave Posts: 651
    I got it the first day it dropped when everyone was so distracted with RotK and all the other new content that they didn't bother raiding anyone.

    They didn't see ol' Synth coming in through the back window to rifle through everyone's drawers for raid chips. Those achievement rewards got me to 700k chips, which made it possible for me to get it in about 2 hours of non-stop raiding. I can't imagine how difficult (and expensive) it is to get right now.

    I'd be terrified of getting raided while carrying 800-900k worth of chips.
  • Jay32Jay32 Posts: 95
    Is your relic working @Synthwave ? A few guys say it does nothing.
  • SynthwaveSynthwave Posts: 651
    yeah it works for me. It's only for raiding though, not for defense.
  • Jay32Jay32 Posts: 95
    Can we get a fix for this @Kabam Miike so it works on defense like its suppose to?
  • SynthwaveSynthwave Posts: 651
    Or if it is working, that it would actually change the base defense stat when you equip it because it's not doing that if the relic is working as it should.

    And while we're at it, bring back the base defense stat on the home screen and our raid medal count. It was a totally unnecessary change getting rid of that.
  • Darm0kDarm0k Posts: 690
    The announcement of the new relic makes it sound like it’s for attacking on raid and defending raids. However, when you read the relic’s description from the raid store, it sounds like it’s only for attacking.
  • JKLJKL Posts: 329
    Any update on this? Did @Kabam Miike post wrong info or is this relic not working for base defense?
  • JKLJKL Posts: 329
    I don’t want to keep bumping this but really looking for an answer.
  • SynthwaveSynthwave Posts: 651
    edited May 11
    Agreed. Would be nice to know if something is working as advertised.

    I'm just going to assume that they're not telling us because they're just so darn busy coming out with that new AM map.... >:)
  • Jay32Jay32 Posts: 95
    Any update if its working yet?
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