This is so friggin messed up

So i was playing the tantrum spotlight, and i used my bludgeon to kill a green shark. It was doing the victory animation when all of a sudden a connection problem error popped up. I decided to force quit the game and check my wifi. When i got back, the shark wasnt dead, and i lost a lot of my health. -_- this is so messed up. 2qs7qh2r5hjw.jpeg


  • Austin555555Austin555555 Posts: 777
    It happens a lot in mcoc. I hate it when it does it even in AQ and AW. It’s a bug that should not exist, and I think kabam in put it for player to buy more energon to use it on potions. And I bet I’ll get a strike but if I do,. It will only help my point
  • It's some sort of 'Bail Out' penalty for quitting the fight part way through. Even though the majority of bail outs are caused by server/lag/connection issues. Very unfair IMHO :(
  • Grimes79Grimes79 Posts: 34
    Maybe implement a “wrong me once, shame on you...wrong me twice shame on me” solution.

    I.e. the first crash in a mission/spotlight/raid does no harm, but subsequent ones do.

    I honestly don’t recall seeing 2+ of such crashes in one mission/spotlight/raid run.
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