What kind of synergy is this?!

So I got 3 of the Headstrong crystals (awesome little name-drop there!), and got a 4* Tantrum (woohoo!), a disappointing 3* Bayverse Bumblebee, and a frickin 5* Waspinator (capital WOOHOO!)!! While checking out Tantrum's synergies, I get down to the bottom where it says "Beast Ancestor 4", with pics of Primal, Rhinox, Dinobot and Waspinator, and below that instead of a description of what the synergy does, it reads:


What the heck is that? Did I just get Tantrum too early? Not enough time to finish text descriptions? And why isn't Cheetor on that synergy also?

One last thing: after drawing those bots from the crystals, the screen vanished before I could see what kind of extras I got for getting a 5* off a crystal. I got the 500 5* shards for Tantrum, but I didn't see anything for getting 5* Waspinator. Any else know what you get for being super lucky enough to draw a 5*?


  • DaveJLDaveJL Posts: 1,637
    Nothing unless it is a dupe. If it's a dupe you get 50k bot chips.
  • gmsegbkic3w6.pngthis what you saw??
  • ShockShock Posts: 5
    That synergy gives other dinobots and maxmials the chance to make their basic attacks unblockable once they use a heavy attack
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